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People often ask us, “Why do I have to fill out a product registration form. It takes so long!” We’re writing to let  you know why it’s important you register your product as soon as you start using it. The information you provide will make your service call that much shorter, since we can pull up your information and product stats right away when you call. In addition, we can locate you quickly if you fill in the product support form.


Helps You

If you run into any issues, you can get your questions answered more quickly, and won’t have to be asked for your serial number, product model number, and contact information when you call.


Helps Us

Once you have registered, it allows us to pull up all your information, and get straight to work on whatever issue you are having.



We understand it will take a few minutes to fill out your product registration form. But when you do, we have all the information we need, and can then ship replacement parts immediately to you without wasting valuable time. This gets you back and running in short order!

Yardmax does not share your information with any outside party. The information resides on our support computers, and is only used by us to help serve you better. We will not share your information with any 3rd party, and we do not sell our customer lists or give them away for any reason. 

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