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Kicking Off BBQ Season

BBQs, Bonfires and Fireworks, oh my! Across the country, summer is in full gear and everyone is enjoying time with friends and family. At YARDMAX Headquarters we’re talking about plans for the holiday weekend and sharing stories and recipes… which got us thinking that we’d like to share this with you too! Keep an eye out for a summer full of favorite recipes, tips and tricks from Team YARDMAX!

This week, our President, Justin, is sharing his family’s favorite – Grilled Pork Belly



Start with a slab of pork belly. Cut into 3” wide pieces.

Put on your favorite rub –
Justin’s favorite to use for pork belly is Three Little Pigs – Touch of Cherry“It’s a great sweet cherry flavor that caramelizes as it cooks.”

Get the grill to 400 degrees and place the strips of pork belly in indirect heat.
Cook for 35-40 minutes – turning once halfway through.

Take the pork belly off the grill, setting 2 strips aside, the remaining strips wrap in foil and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

Pork Belly – Burnt Ends

Take the 2 strips that were set aside and cut into 1” cubes.Place a cast iron skillet directly on the grill and heat up.

Put the cubed pork belly into the cast iron skillet and sprinkle more of the Touch of Cherry seasoning, mixing the pork belly to ensure each piece is evenly coated.

Cook the cubed pork belly for 5-8 minutes making sure to mix so that all the sides of the cubes are evenly cooked.  After each piece has as slight char on the outside, place a paper towel over a plate and spread the pork belly burnt ends evenly on the plate.  Allow them to cool slightly and serve.




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