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HOW TO: Leave a Product Review & Get a FREE Yardmax Ball Cap

  1. FIND YOUR PRODUCT on the retailer website where you made your purchase, or find it on
  2. WRITE A REVIEW for your product. Note: remember your “Review Headline” NOTE: Please wait until you have used your product for its intended purpose before you write your review.
  3. COPY THE URL of your product review (once completed and displayed) from the browser window. WAIT UNTIL YOUR REVIEW IS PUBLISHED AND THEN COPY/PASTE THE URL. This may take up to 2 days for your review to appear on the website. Please, do NOT copy/paste the url to the entry page where you are entering your review.
  4. FILL OUT THE FORM below. All fields are required.

*Note: actual cap/hat design may vary slightly from what is shown above.