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YB6770 – 26″ 2-Stage Snow Blower w/Dashboard

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Ready for a Big Blowout?

With a 26″ snow-clearing width, this heavy duty, dual-stage snow blower easily handles snowfalls in excess of a foot or more. Key features that make snow blowing a breeze with this model are a dashboard with a headlight and convenient controls, room-temperature hand grips, self-propelled drive, and a push button start. This high powered, 26″ snow blower is tough on snow – not on the user.


  • Engine — LCT Electric Start, 7.0 HP 208cc snow engine
  • Self-propelled drive with multiple speeds — 6 forward and 2 reverse — allows for maximum speed and control varying options
  • Serrated steel augers slice through hard-packed snow and ice with ease
  • Axe-shaped housing sides effortlessly chop through tough snow and ice
  • Heavy-duty aluminum gear case with alloy steel gears and synthetic gear oil for long-lasting performance
  • Push-button electric start with recoil backup for simple ignition in tough winter conditions
  • Dashboard with headlight, easy-to-reach speed control and cup holder for total convenience
  • Hand grips will stay at room temperature, delivering optimal comfort even in the harshest weather
  • Pin-lock axle comes standard, offering 2-wheel drive for traction and 1-wheel drive for maneuverability


My hand grips don’t get warm or hot. Do I need to get them fixed?
Chances are, no you do not. The hand grips are “heated” only in the sense that they keep the grips from getting very cold. They have a wire and a unit that, when the machine is running, should keep your hand grips at a comfortable room temperature — even if it is below freezing outside. So, you likely will not feel the grips getting warm, and you won’t feel them heated through gloves. But, they won’t freeze.

Should I leave fuel stored in my unit during off season?
No, fuel should not be stored in the unit. It is important to prevent gum deposits from forming in the fuel system. If the unit is to be stored for longer than 30 days — drain the fuel tank, retighten the gas cap, start the unit and let it run until it stops.

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Model Number YB6770
Clearing Width 26″
Engine LCT
Displacement 208cc
Start Type Electric
Auger Diameter 12″
Impeller Diameter 12″
Chute Control Crank
Chute Type Steel
Intake Depth 21″
Tires 13″x4″
Forward Speeds 6
Reverse Speeds 2
Control Dashboard Included
LED Headlight Included
Warranty 2-Year Residential; 90-Day Commercial

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